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•  Head Coach and Organiser of Junior and Senior programs
•  Private Coach

 ✉ Email:        rickhealey7@gmail.com
📞 Mobile:     021 286 1598

I've been coaching for 46 years. The game has changed so much with the modern equipment, and techniques have adapted accordingly.

My focus as a coach has been to give every student the modern tools, techniques and footwoot of the present day professionals to make sure my teachings are keeping up with an ever changing game.

The main goal at the end of the day is to make a better person out of each student that comes through my programs. The core of my programs are behaviours as you cannot become a good tennis player or person without putting in the hard-work, respecting your surroundings, exploring your limits, and the drive to do better.

I provide appropriate equipment to learn and practice these things in a range of ways to help with students who learn in different ways. I am constantly trying to learn better ways to help develop better athletes by mastering the fundamentals that tennis demands. These include coordination, balance, agility, motor skills, and proper technique.